Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hump Day

It's Wednesday, which means my children went through the house mimicking the camel from the commercial:

Now, as someone who took a lot of marketing classes in college, I salute a fabulous success with making an impact with target audiences. As a mother, I want to slap them because after the 100th time or so, within a single hour, I've about had it.

But to add to the fun, this is the LAST Wednesday of the school year. Yesterday was the last Tuesday, etc. Apparently, we get to have a "last" everything this year. My kids are EXTRA happy, that come Monday, they think they will be sleeping in. Heh, they think they will. It's cute really, how every year they have the delusional idea that they'll be sleeping until 3PM, just because my mother tells stories about me doing that. (Yet another thing to thank grandma for, and not entirely true, either. Mostly.)

They have their delusions about sleeping, and I have my delusions about activities. I always envision us going on hikes and picnicking, and all the while still managing to get my work done, and everyone is happy. The reality is... not that.

I'm trying to decide how this summer should go. I seem to fail miserably at it every year. I'm the mom who does NOT send her kids off the seven week summer camps, or crafts space rockets out of pipe-cleaners, potato-batteries and tinfoil that actually work, or hosts party days at the cinema and acts as the mommy prison bus for all the other mini-inmates. I'm more of the "...can't you go outside and play, or something? We have dogs, throw something for them - just nothing alive. There are balls and bats and rocks and sticks and things outside. Surely there's something out there for you to do - that won't require trips to the ER or bail money?" type of mom. Yeah, I know, I suck. But hey, sometimes it's about embracing reality. This is mine.

Speaking of reality (it's the best segue I've got, go with it), another step happened at the company, one more hoop closer to having a solid answer about moving. This puts us on track to know if we're moving to NC or not by July 1st. Supposedly. But it's movement, so there's that. Even positive movement makes me grumpy right now, because it's not a final answer yet.

On the food-fitness front, I'm doing fabulously well. My six meals a day, boring or not, are totally destroying my cravings, keeping my calories down (I'm not tracking, but I'm well aware), and keeping my brain on target. I know why I avoided this for so long, but I'm surprised at how much better I feel, and how much that makes up for the boring. Also, knowing that this becomes an easy habit around six weeks is comforting too. Oh, and losing weight. It's a slow-but-steady type of plan because it's a permanent lifestyle, as it once was for me for several years, my thinnest years. My only fear is that it won't work.

You see, after my marathon, and completely messing up my metabolism for real, I switched back to this and did perfect on it, and my weight didn't budge. AT ALL. To be fair, it didn't matter what I did. Once I stopped running long distances, I stopped gaining, but I didn't lose. I ate perfectly, and nothing. I dropped calories, and continued dropping down to ridiculous levels just to see if anything would make it move, and nothing. I raised them, and nothing (which was a relief, because if I had started gaining, I would have gone crazy at that point.) My body literally hit a pause button because of the damage I caused. Fascinating as that is, it put me in a state of complete dietary and weight despair.

It's been a long road and ten years since my marathon. I know for a fact that I can lose (and gain) weight now. So, you would think I would be less panicky over this whole thing. Yet, I don't think I've been perfect and strict to this specific plan since that time period, so I have this irrational fear it won't work because it didn't last time. But I want it to, and I know that things are very different now. Now it has a real chance.

I'm trying to decide how long to stay away from the scale to give it a real go, or if I should go back to my weekly weighing to see if there is progress. I admit, a part of me is scared. I need this to work, because it feels good, and remembering that is a big step for me.

So, anyway... happy last hump-day for the school year!


Natalie said...

I'm the same with my kids. We do go out to the movies about once a week during holidays, but mainly it's "Go outside and play. Jump on the trampoline or something."

Usually I hate the heat, but as we plunge deeper into winter here and I have to take the puppy outside numerous times a day I am really envying your summer!

Jill said...

Um, I'm sorry but what part of "go outside and play" makes you a bad mom??? It is not your job to entertain your kids (this is what I tell my kids all the time). :)

Don't worry about how the summer should go - just let it be. Part of the beauty of summer is just letting things happen as they will. Plus if you do end up moving in July, there will be plenty to keep you and the kids busy. Enjoy these first few weeks of nothingness before the Busy Storm hits.

Z @ Kicking Kilos said...

Its been 12 days since I sipped soda.. ( wil blog about it when I am . absolutely sure )
& I seem to find all food boring...blaaah.

hopr it was fun hearing the hump noises ;-)

PlumPetals said...

lol - I had never seen that Hump Day commercial - made me laugh :)

I'm heading back towards 5-6 small meals a day. I think it works best for me. Now it just comes down to planning and preparing ...