Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Monday!

I had a perfect day yesterday, food and fitness wise. I've been thinking a lot about what worked in the past, and why it worked, and I realized I've been taking some shortcuts on some things. One of those was in regards to the BFL eating pattern, which is six mini-meals. I'd been doing 4-5, same calories, but struggling. Well, yesterday I decided to go back to basics, just force myself to do the whole boring six and see how I felt. Know what? I felt GREAT. It balanced my blood sugar to eat that frequently, and I was never stupid-hungry (when you're hungry and you start making stupid decisions because it sounds good.)

Running was good, but today with the weights was not. My doctor believes I have tendinitis in my left wrist (we can't figure out how that would be as I'm right handed, but we're going with it for now) and that leaves me pretty restricted on what I can do. So, I'm working my way through that but I won't be able to do old-school BFL style weights. Yet, I know that 70% or more of this journey has always been in the kitchen, and I was a certified personal trainer for crying out loud. Exercise is exercise, and I can get it in all sorts of flavors... just as long as I get it in. Exercise has never been my problem, though.

I'm embracing the 6 meals plan again, just one day - one meal at a time, and seeing if I can't make progress that way. While I definitely need to lose weight, this is more about getting my head in the game. I know that if I stay clean and on point with my food, it gets easier and easier with every day. Eventually, it'll reestablish as a new (old) habit, and THAT is my goal right now. Sometimes it's about out-thinking yourself, so I'm planning those meals in advance and putting them in front of me to force to issue. Day one worked, here's to day two!

Carrying on from my last post; I still have very few non-food indulgences. I like the idea of painting my nails, and I'm going to try to do more with that (especially since my troll feet are now on display as it's warm enough to embrace my "I hate shoes!" mantra. My feet, big and scary as they may be, are free spirits at heart. They simply cannot be caged! Freedom for the toes!!! Say it with me!)

I'm a huge reader, so indulging in books can be a bit tricky. Tricky as in "Well, Junior, we wanted to send you to college, but mommy bought the entire library of congress for her Kindle..." (I hope the place we move to will have a library bigger than my bathroom. Libraries make it so much cheaper to be a big reader!)

...and that was the extent of my list. The truth is that I cannot live life like we're not moving, making big family or business decisions that will seriously cost us both personally and financially if we do move. The company says we ARE moving. That's the actual official line... but when? And frankly, I've seen enough with companies to know that I'll believe it when I see it, and not before then. Companies make a lot of blustery promises that don't cost them anything. I should also say that if this company doesn't do what it says, we're open to looking at new companies NOT here (because there is nothing here, literally no alternative company to even work at.)

So, either way, the goal IS to move, which means I can NOT make decisions that would be foolish in the face of that. But that still puts my career in a hostage situation, at the whim of everything that has nothing to do with me, and makes me nuts. I've made every decision I can as if we were not moving if it won't put us in a bind legally or financially, but that is not a very long list. The rest are in limbo, and that has pretty much become my life.

Anyway, I received a few messages (some that I deleted from my blog) where maybe that all had not been clear. I'm not just sitting around stuffing my face and whining "woe is me, I can't do anything, I'll just stay in this corner and not try." I'm doing everything I can, within the parameters I've been given, and it's the only thing I can do.

 On another, prettier note, I've given myself a goal of creating a daily illustration (that I share on my Facebook Art Page every day.) It doesn't matter if it's a pencil sketch, a painting, or a digital work. I've never done digital art before, but I thought now might be a fun time to try it.  So far, this is my favorite:

"...What?" by Kyra Wilson, digital painting, day 4

It's only my 4th digital work (the others are on my page), and I'm actually doing it on my iPad (using the ArtStudio app), but I really like it. I've also fallen in love with drawing bumblebees. I've decided that my dragon and bumblebee will be best friends. I need a name for both though, so if you have any suggestions I'm open!

Learning something new, and meeting a goal has been helpful to my mental feelings of fulfillment too. I started this illustration goal to warm my brain up in the morning (I have problems creating before noon, I think it's that whole night owl thing. I may be up at 5 AM, but I'm not actually up.) So far, I have spent far too much time on these, and not enough on my actual work... but it's made me happy.

So, happy Monday everyone!


Natalie said...

QT and B

Vickie said...

Suggestion with the right arm/hand. Look carefully at all you do, to see if you can find some odd positions.

Examples - when I sew on the machine with my right foot on the pedal, I tend to turn my left foot under in a very weird position around the chair leg. Who knows how this started. I have to make a conscious effort to keep left foot flat on floor.

When I have problems with hands/wrists, it is from curling them inward, under my chin when I sleep. I had to sleep in a brace for a long while to teach myself to stop doing that. It wasn't what I did awake/during day, but asleep.

I have lived in limbo land several times, I know what you mean when you write about it. And you have the added complication of booth fees, etc. it is very hard.

There are a lot of great arm moves you can do with NO hand weights. Tracy Anderson is good source. My suggestion is to do lots of those types of moves, flowing from one set to the next without ever lowering arms. My Pilates instructor does a routine that is highly effective. All kinds of circles, pats, drawing the alphabet in giant upper case, then lower case, etc. works everything from a whole different way. Highly effective. Keep shoulders down and back, the longer you go, the more they tend to creep up around ears . . .

Angel Blue said...

I love the art work.

Leslie said...


A couple of weeks ago I was having a really hard time, and it helped me so much to just slow down and focus on the basics like you are doing. Sometimes it is just going back to those small habits.

It is so hard when everything seems up in the air. At the same time it forces us, (or I feel like it has forced me) to live in the moment.

I love your idea of the daily sketch. You are such a talented artist :)