Friday, May 30, 2014

Winners and Cake

Hiya, hey, hello, howdyhowdyhowdy!

Quick, before I forget: The Winner of the print for this month's 5k is *drumroll*  Becky Morris!

Sorry I got thrown off track there, and didn't get the winner announced right away. Looks like it might not have been food poisoning, because the rest of the family came down with it at different intervals as well. (I still think it was food poisoning. There's a way that you feel sick when you have a stomach bug, and then when it's food poisoning, so I'm sticking to my theory, but my husband disagrees.)

Aaaaanyway! Yay for everyone who did the 5k! I did it too, I'm so proud! I even went and did it outside! 

I'm not doing a video again this month because I'm having an insane week. I lost time being sick, and then I have a booth to man at a faire tomorrow (and I'm trying to pull things together last minute) and in the middle of that I made a cake today for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow!

Her Sweet 16 is on Monday. We're calling it the Sugar-Shock-Sixteen, based on the cake:

I made it myself, I'm very chuffed about that. Especially since the cake ended up being taller than the Kit-Kats, and I thought it was going to be a disaster. But I used up the leftover chocolate from dipping the strawberries to make chocolate flakes, and I think it worked out well.

Now, normally this kind of thing is like food-porn to me (does that term work if it's actually in front of you?) However, I'm not sure if it was getting sick and not being entirely well just yet... but I figured out I HATE - hatehatehate - the smell of Kit-Kats. Actually, I'm pretty sure I don't like the smell of cheap chocolate at all. 

I got a huge cloud of that Kit-Kat chocolate smell wafting into my face while I was decorating, and my whole brain just shut down on the idea of even tasting the cake. It's just over the top for me, and I'm not interested. If it were in pieces, like just the strawberries or just the cake, it might be appealing. But all together? Nope. Kinda nauseating. 

However, it LOOKS awesome, and my daughter is thrilled. I'm sure the teenage horde will make short work of that during the bonfire tomorrow. Having teenagers over, especially the boys, I often feel like I'm throwing food at them similar to how the velociraptors were fed in Jurassic Park. You're just never sure when they're going to decide it wasn't enough and eat you as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I'm looking forward to our next 5k!


MaryFran said...

I can leave milk chocolate....dark chocolate is my Achilles heel!!!

Glad you are feeling better!

Natalie said...

That looks so amazing! I don't really like kit-kats, or any chocolate by that particular company, but the strawberries look luscious and the whole thing is beautiful.

Kerstinchen said...

That cake does look awesome indeed! Nice visual too ;)