Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's resolution time! I like resolutions. I DO! If you make real New Year's resolutions, you don't just make a wish list, you make a plan! I like making lists and planning how to accomplish things. It feels good to plan and strategize. It's all about making good things happen that you want in your life for the coming year, and that should always be encouraged. It's positive, forward thinking, and it's all about being the best you that you can be.

First, I'd like to say that I looked back at last year and found that I thought 2012 was bad too. Just like 2012, I had a dog die. Just like 2012 I had a major family crisis that literally kept me from sleeping for months on end out of sheer terror (almost the same crisis, just a different family member totally out of the blue, oddly enough.) 2013 looked an awful lot like 2012 on steroids. Well BOO to that! I say no to things coming in threes!

I'm really hoping that 2014 brings with it welcome change and new opportunities - I can't control ANY of that (one of my biggest complaints, of course.) So, I'm making my list with a few hopes thrown in, but with plans for the actionable items.

I always break mine into categories: Health, Personal, Business


  • Let go of using my weight as a way to feel in control. If everything else feels bad and out of my control in my life, I tend to enjoy "messing up" my health and then getting myself back together because it lends me a sense of accomplishment and control that I don't have anywhere else. I need to let that go. I know that I can NOT transfer that need into over-controlling my food/fitness because I could very easily turn into someone who ends up in a hospital because of it. Eating disorders don't come out of thin air, and I have long been aware that I'm more than primed to be one of those people. I haven't ever been, and I'm not going to start now. My issue is that I have to stop this manufactured fake control and accomplishment with nothing to replace it - and nothing does. Don't suggest anything to me, I've been through it all. This is an instance where it simply needs to be set free, with getting nothing satisfying back. This cannot be replaced with a satisfying option, unless someone has a magic wand to fix life in general. Strategy: Just catch myself and stop the process when it starts. There is no magic here, this just bites, and I have to do it.
  • Lose weight. Well, duh. *wink*  First marker is to get to the "not over weight for my height" point, which isn't very far away, actually. The next marker beyond that is my goal weight. All told, around 40 lbs, give or take. Strategy: I'm starting P90X3 on Sunday (assuming the box shows up in time.) That's 13 weeks of exercise planned without me having to think about it or design my own program. Food wise, I'm sticking to a hybrid of BFL and calorie tracking. 
  • Races, get back to it. I didn't do much running of races in 2013. I think the color race was my only one. I miss it, so I plan on getting back to it. Strategy: Keep up my training, and actually sign up and plan for them. Another thought I had was a virtual set of races for 2014... anyone interested? More on that later...

  • I want to move. I really do. Vermont is a pretty state, the land is lovely. That's all the good I can say about it. The communities are tough, but I hear that's a New England sort of thing. I miss people smiling at each other. I miss people being nice, even if you don't know them. My parents are from California and I grew up in Colorado, so maybe I'm just more used to an open sort of culture... but I just can't stand it here anymore. 15 years is enough. The cost of living here is insane. I love the country and the privacy, but I miss a happy culture. So, I'm desperate to move. Strategy: This is obviously more of a wish. We're at the whim of the company, and so we float along... but I will say that there is potential of this actually happening! So, my strategy is to cross my fingers and hope to move to a nice place to live.
  • No one dies, is murdered, commits suicide, major illness or injury, or anything else along those lines. Again, more of a wish, but seriously - please? Also, this includes my pets, thanks. Strategy: Twirl three times naked before bed in fairy slippers while chewing gum and singing You Are My Sunshine. 

That picture is a compilation of my work for the year of 2013 from my studio. It might look like a lot, but I actually was so beaten down with life that I ended up only being able to do small paintings rather than the large involved ones. So, while it looks good, it was actually a bit sad for me to see. However, with that in mind...
  • Refocused efforts on the large paintings for my series.
  • Revamp of my business plan.
  • Launch of secondary business.
  • More fairs and shows.
All of those are sort of self-explanatory with their strategies so it all falls under the heading of "Just do it, already!"

And that wraps up my resolutions. 

Have any of yours that you'd like to share?


Natalie said...

Beautiful art. Love the dragon!

Primal Gwen said...

You are very talented, Kyra! I can't wait to be along for the ride of your 2014 accomplishments: all of them!

Marion Shaw said...

Hi Kyra, P90X! I wish you the very best with that. Given our ages, if something is a ridiculous exercise, just do a modification. They're already onto something new in a moment anyway. You'll do great! Happy new year to you and your family! Honestly, you had a bad year for the death thing--and it's your year to have a lighter happier year. :D

PlumPetals said...

I love that collage of your work - really beautiful.
I hope that you achieve all you set out to do in 2014! Go get 'em!