Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gadgets and Steps

The snow is falling steadily outside my window right now, and it's colder than cold. It's currently -2 degrees, and as it's noon, I don't see that improving. With wind-chills in the -20 to -30 ranges and "feels like" temperatures making you want to cry (if your tears wouldn't immediately freeze your eyelids shut, and then you'd be blind and wandering around wailing in the snow, and eventually you'd show up in a Rudolph special about how Bumbles bounce...) I have a strong urge to snuggle down by the fireplace and nap! Which is exactly what my son is doing right now on the couch, as he's home sick from school.

*sigh* So much for dancing around the house and singing "It's mine! It's all mine again!!!" Man, I had such plans!

Instead, I got up and ran first thing this morning. I recently was perusing my Zombies, Run! 2 app and I saw that it said you can use it - with chases - on the treadmill. It has been giving me problems, in that it never lets me outrun the zombies when I never had a problem with it before. Support simply said I as too slow (again, see "never had a problem before!!!") and I thought to myself that if I was on the treadmill using the accelerometer tracking as they instruct, I could prove I'm running fast enough to outrun those pesky flesh eaters!

So off I ran, and... nothing. No chases. I even stopped running in the middle and checked to make sure I had all the settings correct. I did, I finished the run and still no chases. So, BOO! Boo to that. I'm really frustrated about it because the Zombies, Run program is my absolute favorite for running and I feel like we've been in a fight for a year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but for now I guess I'm setting it aside. Angrily setting it aside.

Speaking of gadgets, I recharged my Fitbit tracker and put it on again. I actually got a message from someone who was worried I had fallen off the earth because my steps were zero for so long. No, instead I simply had a temper tantrum over the device performing as it should. You see, my complaint is that when you run you log in fewer steps than if you walk the same distance. The goals on the Fitbit are not interchangeable, it simply tracks all of it. So, I have a dual goal for five miles a day, and 10,000 steps. On walking days they're about the same. On running days, the steps are far fewer. Thousands fewer. Oh, it's all accurate, but there is something about failing those goals on a regular basis that led to me sticking my Fitbit into a dark corner in an extended time out.

Well, I've put it back on, but grudgingly. I figure I'll be doing less running with the P90X3 (although I plan on adding in some runs because I want to keep my endurance up. I could run a 10K right now and be fine, but if I don't keep running that will swiftly vanish.) I'm thinking I'll be able to more accurately aim to meet both Fitbit goals while keep my running as a secondary focus. So, I have the thing on me again... and it bugs me. I hook it to my bra (because it's the least likely place to end up in the washer before I catch on that it's there), and it just... *wiggleshimmywiggle* Sigh.  Ok, I'm done complaining.

My box for P90X3 showed up, and I'm going through the books it came with. The nutrition is pretty much how I eat anyway (when I'm not in a ditch like I have been for a month), so I thought that was interesting. I can't decide whether to follow it and relinquish calorie counting, or keep with the counting. Decisions, decisions.

Well, off to at least try to get some work done. I found out I'm supposed to come up for something with the theme Marie Antoinette. It would figure that my first project of the year has the ability to instantly make strangers shout "Let them eat cake!" when you tell them about it! *wink*


Primal Gwen said...

See, that's why I don't futz with gadgets like that. And I'm an old lady, so I can get away with it. I just dance, and usually don't even dance to music anymore...I dance to whatever I'm watching on TV. It works. It's flexible. Every minute counts. I simply go by the clock. 30 min. minimum...hour if I can. On weekends, I allow myself to break it up into two sessions if need be, as long as the least amount of time of any session is 30 minutes. Unless I've already done 30, in which case I can get by with a second session of 15-20 minutes. See? You aren't the only one who futzes over things. LOL

Natalie said...

I usually get caught by the zombies too, even if I sprint! A friend of mine says she just has to speed up, so if she was standing still stretching she just has to walk to get away. But I can go from a walk to flat out run and still get caught. I just thought it was because I was such a slow runner with short legs. I eventually turned the random zombies off and just listen to the adventure.

I tried their new thing "The Walk" - it sucks. Functionality is terrible. Zombies much more fun.

PlumPetals said...

I'm tempted to go back to calorie counting and wearing my heart-rate monitor, but part of me just wants to see if I can get it right without all the numbers haunting me. I still haven't made my decision.
I'm curious to hear how you find P90X - it's something I've been thinking of doing for a while.