Sunday, December 29, 2013

Murder and Dolphins

First, the dolphins! I have two pictures to share from the dolphin swim that the company (Dolphin Encounters, on the Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau, Bahamas - highly recommend them) took, and we purchased so I can legally share them:

Now, call me biased, but don't you think that belongs on a brochure somewhere?
That's my beautiful girl!

The whole family with one of the two dolphins we swam with, including my son who is apparently an international spy and mustn't be recognized in any pictures, so he keeps his hat and glasses on at all times.

Video is still coming, and soon I'll be able to show you all how I got propelled across the water by two dolphins pushing my feet. Which sounds bizarre, but it was totally amazing.

Now... Murder, you say?

Well, maybe not murder. Maybe just potential for murder. Or attempted murder. Or just serious physical injury...

As we're nearing 2014, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my physical program. Meaning, I'd like to have one. As someone who has struggled with my weight for most of my life, I have an extensive background in leg warmers, spandex, artificial sweeteners, and things from the 80's, 90's and beyond that we'd all really like to forget but would probably need therapy to do so. (ThighMaster, anyone? That's the world's most dangerous boomerang, right there folks. Also, if you attach a sturdy bra's straps to each side, it makes an excellent slingshot for water-balloons. Not that I would know that personally, or anything. *cough* Right, moving on...)

More than all of that, I have done the diets, the books, the programs. I even got certified as a personal trainer (NASM) so I could make my own programs and those for other people as well for a little while (I decided that fitness is my hobby rather than my occupation, so my certification became something just for me. Knowledge is power!) I've flown to NYC to train and certify on a fitness program with wooden swords (boken) and flown back unable to lift my arms. I learned to run and I've run a marathon. I've come in dead LAST in a 15K race (yes, really.) I've learned that being a bad runner is actually a good thing. I've shown myself that I can lose the weight, I can be fit, and I can be strong.

I've also learned that I can get bored, lose focus, and fall down. It's the whole being human thing, and it turns out I'm human. Mostly.

Oh, and I learned I can fall down AND GET BACK UP AGAIN! (That was the important bit.)

Here is where I am at: I need to get back up again. Well, really, I just need to get a grip. I have had a bad 2013 in life-terms. I just have. I have a list of reasons, and some would make you nod in sympathy while others would make you snort and think "Lady, get over it." Along with that were my weight struggles, which really get put into interesting perspective when things are serious. When you're worried about a vacation, you're weight is super important. We have to look acceptable in our shorts! When you are worried about someone dear to you, you could care less if you wake up one morning to find an extra nose had sprouted on your forehead (interesting piercing options, but probably rather inconvenient regardless), you had gained 1800 lbs, and now sported wings.

So, I'm looking forward. I'm picking myself up, getting a grip, knocking myself upside the head and saying "It just doesn't matter. What matters is making the right choices when the choice is before me. I cannot control the bad, but I can do something for myself." I know that getting my health and fitness back under my thumb will give me something I can hoard to my chest and purr "my precious" over and over even during the bad times. I also know that if the bad times come again and I don't have my stuff together on that front, that getting a grip during turmoil is almost impossible. So not only is my health important, I am also looking to fortify the fortress before the next attack! Huzzah! ...or something. (Yeehaw?)

So back to murder. As I mentioned, I have done a lot of plans. One of those plans was P90X. In another blog-life, I had a very popular blog where I did a major review of P90X that people seemed to really like. For the record: I have NOTHING to do with Beachbody (the company) or P90X, I simply liked the program. It was the first exercise program for at home that felt real. It was hard, it kicked my butt, and most importantly it made me better.

It also made me consider dropping a dumbbell on my husband's head on several occasions.

It turns out that I am an aggressive fitness person. I don't hog the weights or the space, but I expect you to show up if you're my partner. MORE, if you're my partner then it is NOT my job to get you there. If you complain and I've already spent extra energy to get you to show up in the first place - well, you're just suicidal now, aren't you? Because at 5:30AM, if I got myself up and into spandex to go workout, I do not want to hear it. Show up, shut up, and yay you. I have enough trouble getting my night owl self to the starting line, I don't need to drag anyone else with me. Be responsible for yourself and I will cheer you all the way. Drag your feet like a three-year-old who didn't get his way and I'll dump you on your head.

I love my husband. Adore him. He's fabulous. Really. But if we had done more P90X together, I might have strung him up from our satellite dish. I was so frustrated. I warned him multiple times, nicely (to start), that he needed to get there himself and not rely on me pushing him out of bed and basically hounding him to the workout. I got so frustrated I stopped hounding, and guess what happened?

He magically started showing up on his own and worked out with a smile! I was so proud!


The man started sleeping in, and I got up by myself. (I'll give you a moment for a small song interlude of "All By Myself" right here.)

I found that while I was disappointed in my husband for not showing up, the lack of resentment for being forced to carry two people's willpower made up for being on my own. I've always been someone who could exercise on my own. A partner would have been nice, but not at the expense of my sanity.

So I did P90X. I liked it. I've done it multiple times since and have hybrid it into other programs along the way. I have weights, a treadmill, a spin-bike, and more. I have books and tons of different programs  even beyond P90X.

...and I'm bored now. I don't want to think anymore. I want a little mental break where someone else tells me what to do, and I can't face repeating a program I have done before. Also, I've been slacking off for a while now *ahem*. It's true. I can't deny it. My sized up jeans cry when I yank them on, and it's not pretty. More, I have a full on physical with my new doctor coming up, and I'm wondering if you can call in sick to that (as they're doctors, do they make you come in anyway? Can I call in dead instead?) Thus, I've been perusing new fitness programs.

I'm in a sort of different position now, though. My husband is facing some major hard things at work and it's been going on for a while now. His health has suffered and he looks like he has aged 10 years in just the past three months, I'm not kidding. I'm scared, people. Seriously. I talked with him about it, showed him pictures, and he sees it too. I talked to him, and while things are going to be insane at work for the next six months, he would be in a better position to face that if he was physically taking care of his health. A better body means one that can weather the storm, verses one that just makes it through broken down and washed up. I don't want him broken. He's my soul mate, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

The good news is that he agrees that his health needs help. He's been so tired, and run down, and feeling poorly. He can feel that he needs to do something, but time is an issue. We perused programs and actually looked at P90X3, simply because I've done the others. I was sure I was going to click on by, but then we saw it was only 30 minutes a day. He said he can do that, and we're familiar with the other programs, so we've decided to do it.

I'll be adding in a few runs if I'm up to it (which I would imagine I would be - but we'll see. My weird exhaustion may or may not be triggered by these workouts. Plus I have slowly morphed into a single parent here, taking on all sorts of tasks that used to be shared.) I now know upfront that I will be responsible for dragging him down to workout. And I'm not allowed to drop a dumbbell on his head. I'm signing up for this. *head*desk* Because I love him. I love him and I want him to be OK. I want us to be OK. This will be my mantra when he's whining to me in the cold dark before dawn when we're stumbling down the stairs to go exercise. Fitness for survival.

More, I'll also be responsible for the food in the house for everyone. This is a big change, because we've always split the food shift 50/50. He simply cannot do anything right now but work. So, I have to make ends meet for him like a caretaker to see him through this period safely. I have to come up with portable meals that are healthy and can sit for extended periods of time (I'm not sure how that's going to shake out, but I'm going to give it my best shot!)

We've ordered the program and it should be here soon. We'll start it when it arrives, right away. It's 90 days, 16 workouts, all 30 minutes each. I imagine the food plan is similar to the first P90X, but we'll see when it gets here.

So that's the plan! For the first 90 days of 2014, anyway. We'll see how it goes, given that the task looks to be so much greater this time even though it's easier exercise-wise. I'm crossing my fingers!


Primal Gwen said...

Good luck! I found out that until I got my eating right, it didn't much matter what exercise I did, because my exercise level could never make up for the poor eating. One thing lead to another, and I discovered going grain free. Being a starch addict, I NEVER would've thought I could do it, but after about 3-4 days, it became surprisingly easy. Healthiest thing I ever did for myself, and the weight just fell off. BUT, if you aren't interested....I get it. I'll be right here, supporting whatever road you take! (well, unless it's unhealthy/stupid. LOL)

Kyra said...

I've been through just about everything, including practically getting a certificate in nutrition as well. I know macronutrients and micro, the balances, the foods that people generally cut for programs and the ones they swear by. In the end, all diets work for better or worse (even the stupid Twinkie diet worked for that guy, although I think that's a sad example.) It's about finding what plan will work for you long term. I'm glad that you have found something that works for you.

We eat very healthy, actually (grains are pretty limited.) The trick is portions. OK, when it comes to my husband the trick is portions and getting him to stop bringing in junk or eating it because it's catered at work or a business dinner and making the worst choices in that situation. But that's a whole other issue to get HIM to tackle. I can't do it for him. I was losing weight just fine prior to my trip, and in that process I've made peace with a hybrid of a BFL style of eating allowing for a few deviations here and there (but calorically controlled) over the last few months. This works for me and it's taken a long time to get there and to let go of the idea of restrictive and perfect. I was all or nothing before then, and failing at that - it wasn't working for me.

Because of the stress that having a family to negotiate food for brings when looking at squeaky clean eating and the outright boredom that comes from that, this is where we have settled. I maintained a low perfect weight for years on the squeaky clean eating. While it worked for that time period, it was not feasible long term because I was both bored and my family was very young (now they're older and things are not so simple. I know when both are off to college it'll probably get remarkably easier, but that's about 6 years off.) Fortunately, I don't do "unhealthy/stupid", which is largely due to getting frustrated all those years ago by all the plans out there and doing my own research and getting certified and so on. So, no worries there. It's simply about the balance and follow through now, that's all. :) Well that, and not falling into a pit of despair when everything goes bad in life for a while.

Weight loss is 100% in the kitchen.
Real true total health is 70% food, 30% exercise (and it can't be just any exercise just like it can't be any old food. You need exercise to increase and maintain bone density. You need strength. You need cardio. You need flexibility and balance. Balanced diet that you can do long term for you, balanced exercise that also works for you. When those come together, that's when you get the best you.)

I plan on looking at the P90X3 food plan, but it's not that far off from BFL if it's like the first. I'll likely continue with my hybrid and caloric control. What I really need help with is figuring out healthy meals that can sit all day. My husband will probably be easier because he'll have access to a fridge and microwave. My daughter, who will be out very late for cheer, just gone all day, needs something that can be refrigerated part of the day and eaten on the fly 12 hours later. That's where I really need help! At this point all I can think of if beef jerky and fruits and veggies. Not good for the long term. Any ideas on that front?

Rebecca said...

Great job and stepping up to help take care of your husband through a very stressful time in his life! Yep, he needs you to push him out of bed...ha! I wish you guys luck and will cheer you on! That P90X stuff isn't for sissies (I'm a sissy...ha!).

Kyra said...

Honestly, I've slacked off enough that the first P90X would probably be too hard! LOL This is a good segue back into the consistency pool, and I'm hoping it's not boring. And that I don't end up angry dragging him through it when by day two he's already dragging his feet. *crossing fingers*

700 pounds is as bad as it sounds said...

Sounds like a good plan Kyra, that Dolphin ride sounds really cool too!

Kyra said...

The dolphins were amazing! :)

Natalie said...

I'm sure people say this all the time, but you and your daughter look so alike! (That is you in the second picture isn't it? Or do you have two daughters?) And you're right, the first picture could be in a brochure.
We just went to SeaWorld (Australia) and we didn't pay to swim with the dolphins but we did watch the amazing show with the trainers standing on their noses etc. My favourite part of the theme park.

Marion Shaw said...

That is a super interesting family photo with the dolphin! Love it!!! :D